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It's Humboldt Restaurant Week!



The tastiest press release you'll ever read, from Locally Delicious!


A robust Local Food Week in Humboldt County Restaurants is ready to kick off a week of eating Locally Delicious. Carnivores, Omnivores, Vegetarians and Pescatarians Humboldt County Restaurant Week will please your palate! In partnership with Humboldt County Local Food Month, Locally Delicious is sponsoring Humboldt County Restaurant Week 2014.

Marimba One Expands Service Around The World

While crafting the world’s best marimbas is our passion, so is giving you professional, friendly service, California-style.

Marimba One

How often have musicians thought, “My instrument needs a tuning”? One of our initiatives has been to provide regional tuning clinics to make it easier for you to get assistance. This October, the tuning clinic takes place at our German dealer Musikhaus Thomann, part of month-long celebration of marimba one® there--including a concert by Katarzyna Mycka, and a sale on KM mallets.

What Does It Mean To Be Humboldt Made?

I had the pleasure of dining with Humboldt Made social media maven and North Coast Journal contributor Linda Stansberry this evening. Our conversation ranged around Humboldt and around the world - we've both done a fair bit of traveling in our lives - but it struck me as we were talking that life here in Humboldt, in many ways, is a microcosm of the wider world.

Parts of Eastern Turkey, Northwestern Iran, Northern Iraq, and Northeastern Syria have long pushed for separation from their respective current host countries to form an independent Kurdistan. Last week, Scotland almost left the UK. Eastern Ukraine could eventually secede from the rest of that country (albeit to be absorbed into Russia rather than become independent). Hong Kong is beginning to look like it might push for greater independence from the People’s Republic of China. Many countries in Africa and the Middle East are essentially artificial geopolitical entities created by colonialists (in the form of countries and oil companies), giving rise to the multiplicity of tribal conflicts we see today. It seems that many people perceive their own small corner of the world as worthy of its own specific identity. And in that at least, Humboldt is no different.

Local Foods That Don't Exist But Should

 Editor's note: Today we launch our first blog by local physician and foodie Dr. Hal Grotke! Grotke is President, CEO and Medical Director of Redwood Family Practice in Eureka. He came to Humboldt County from Ventura in 2007 and has immersed himself in the food, culture and politics of our region.

I have some thoughts as we are well into local food month. Many of these are have been coalescing for several years and I think they are ready to share. We on the the North Coast are under-utilizing some of our greatest natural resources and I think some of those could be turned into profitable, sustainable businesses. I have a successful business that takes a tremendous amount of my time so I can't take any direct involvement in any of these ideas so I hope the entrepreneurial spirit and strong sense of place so characteristic of Humboldt County will take at least some of these ideas to fruition.

Relish the Season with Boehm's Cafe

It's a muggy September afternoon in the Eel River Valley. Robin Paul, Judy Alvarado and Joy Frasier have commandeered the commercial kitchen at the Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department. With windows and doors open to catch an errant breeze, mixers whir and the women laugh as they transform pallets of peak-harvested local produce into Eel River Relish. The goal is to produce 17 cases of relish by the end of the day: each jar contains four tomatoes, four bell peppers, four onions and a smattering of secret ingredients, all cooked for 4-6 hours.


That's Humboldt...

Home of the smallest licensed bar in California (aboard the Madaket)