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Home of some of the nation's cleanest air (says NOAA)

Humboldt Takes the Gold at the State Fair!

Humboldt Made would like to thank the many members who dropped off their products at our office. We sent a literal truckload of display items to Sacramento!

The official Humboldt County display received a gold medal at the 2014 California State Fair, currently underway in Sacramento, the second year in a row it has earned such honors in the popular counties exhibition.

Celebrating 10 years in Humboldt

Amazingly, it is 10 years since I moved to Humboldt, and the longest I’ve ever lived in any one place. Perhaps even more amazingly, moving here was a complete accident. A close friend in San Francisco had been invited to interview for a position at the Humboldt Arts Council and asked me to come along with her for the adventure. So, while she was being interviewed, I looked (as one does in towns full of Victorian homes) at houses. And I fell in love with a house. Serendipitously, this happened at a time in my life when I had a little money to spare and was working freelance, so only needed an internet connection to keep my income flowing. The rest, as they say, is history.

Wildberries Marketplace Announces Partnership With Humboldt Made

Store will help finance memberships for 20 small businesses

Arcata-based natural foods store Wildberries has pledged its support as a Founding Allied Member of Humboldt Made. In an effort to support local makers and producers, Wildberries will offer matching donations of $250, half of the Humboldt Made membership fee, to 20 small food and beverage manufacturers.

"Since we opened nearly 20 years ago, Wildberries has recognized the importance of supporting community commerce, especially in the locally produced food sector,” says Wildberries owner Phil Ricord, “Working together, the membership of Humboldt Made will make a worthwhile impact in building local economic well being, and I believe that's good for us all.”

Wildberries was one of the first local retailers to feature Go Local stickers on locally made products, a campaign that originated with Humboldt Made. The two organizations have worked together to bring items as diverse as organic Tulip Perfume to vegan Vixen Kitchen gelato to Wildberries shelves. A recent Buyers Tour organized by Humboldt Made also connected members with retailers in the wider region, including Northern California Whole Foods.

Humboldt Made is a public benefit corporation that partners with retailers and restaurateurs, community organizations, media makers, institutions, special events and business service providers to build the economy of Humboldt County. Makers and producers who are interested in becoming members can contact Kathleen Moxon at 388-3010.

PHOTO CAPTION: Humboldt Made and Wildberries Marketplace have partnered to provide marketing support to growing food and beverage businesses that create jobs in Humboldt County. Pictured from back row, left to right: Daniel Bixler, Larry Hupp, Phil Ricord, Cal Ferris, Benjamin Colarossi, Ian Richie. Pictured front row, left to right: Victoria England, Rosa Dixon, Talia Nachshon, Rhonda Wiedenbeck, Meredith Maier-Ripley and Carrie Dean.



Humboldt Crabs Baseball

Humboldt Crabs baseball: an Arcata summer staple and favorite pastime for many. My wife and I started attending Crabs games the year after we moved to Humboldt County. We were instantly hooked. Not only do we enjoy watching the team get out there and play ball, but also seeing familiar faces of friends and colleagues every game we attend. In fact, it was at a Crabs game where I had the pleasure of meeting Humboldt Made's outgoing Executive Director, Angie Schwab last year. Being a part of Humboldt Made has been a wonderful experience and collaborative effort and I couldn't have been happier to attend, photograph and support both Humboldt Made and the Crabs on Humboldt Made night at the stadium this past July 2nd. Please enjoy some moments of Crabs baseball and the celebration of many of the locally made products that our county has to offer.  And while the band didn't play this night, many a game wouldn't be the same without the world famous Crab Grass Band, so I've included some photos from the following game where they tore it up! Enjoy.

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Ray's is Turning 20 and Humboldt Made Will Be There!


Humboldt Made is helping Ray's Food Place in McKinleyville celebrate its 20th anniversary this Friday, July 18th, from noon to 6:00 pm.

“In honor of Ray’s continued commitment to the community we’ll be teaming up with Humboldt Made, offering vendor samples from local producers,” said store manager Richard Stancliff.

“Ray’s is taking this opportunity to once again provide customers with the very best in local products,” Stancliff stated. “This event is all about local shoppers getting local products,” he explained. Vendors will include Blackberry Bramble, Bien Padre, Boujie Baking, Diane’s Sweet Heat, Humboldt Hot Sauce, Ino Sauce, Muddy Waters, Natural Decadence, Ohana Organics, Humboldt Bay Coffee, Head over Heels Mixers, Humboldt Grassfed Beef, Humboldt Distillery, and many more!

Don’t miss the Annual Tent Sale that’ll be going on in the parking lot, and be sure to check out the Meat Shop’s Rib Fest, offering the finest cuts available.

There will be a live broadcast from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., presented by KHUM radio. Stop by and say hi to Larry Trask!


That's Humboldt...

Home of 26 small wineries which, combined, are still just a third the size of an artisanal winery