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Partnering for a Better Future in Humboldt - and Beyond

Lonny Grafman is an extraordinary human being. I first met him several years ago when I started working with Locally Delicious; Lonny is on their board. Then I discovered he worked across the street from me, in the Environmental Resources Engineering department at HSU. When I saw how he melds the worlds of sustainable food systems and creative engineering, I was seriously impressed.

Lonny and students

First Year Friday: Piping away!

Welcome to our 8th blog entry!

Last week we made great progress in piping the distillery.  The still’s copper cooling piping is complete and the boiler is vented and black iron steam piping has begun. 

Humboldt Fundraising for Healthy Food

This past Monday, May 4, Locally Delicious took over Arcata’s delectable local food eatery Folie Douce for a fundraising dinner in support of a healthy local food system here in Humboldt. Folie Douce is to be applauded for their policy of making one Monday night a month available to non-profits, and it’s something I’ll be looking into among Eureka eateries with Main Street’s Charlotte MacDonald going forward.

folie douce

Emily Jacobs, Sandy Scott (back to camera) and Gregg Foster, with Heirloom Tomato Martha Haynes chin-in-hand in the background

First Year Friday: Advertising


      This week I thought I would talk briefly about some of the mistakes and lessons I have learned about advertising in my first year of business.

      Like it or hate it, it’s something you will need to do to help get the word out about your business.  However, not all advertising is equal or useful.  Always keep in mind that the individuals who are selling advertising space are not necessarily looking out for your best interest, or know if what they are trying to sell you will work for your business.  This is your responsibility to research, don't just take their word for it.  Please do your homework on this, or you will end up just wasting your money, and lots of it.  Advertising is not cheep, even outdated methods are still expensive.

True Humboldters use every part of the vegetable

We are blessed with a seemingly endless suppy of great fresh food here in Humboldt. So we really don’t like to waste any of it - even if some parts are a little challenging. Take carrot tops, for example.

I love carrots – I always like to have them on hand for stock, or a quick roast or puree for soup. But I never know what to do about the tops. They look so delightful, but they’re not particularly appetizing raw. And there’s so much of them that I hate to just throw them into the compost (although I know the compost pile would enjoy having them).

There's also a (false) rumor that carrot tops are poisonous and potentially deadly, but I know that can't be true, because you often see them in markets in Europe. They're actually, like the rest of the carrot, very edible and loaded with vitamins and minerals. So there's clearly no good reason to toss them.carrots with tops


That's Humboldt...

Where Arcata built a marsh and wildlife sanctuary to treat wastewater. It works!